Dolly in the media

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Plaque celebrating Dolly the sheep unveiled in Edinburgh [Royal Society of Biology]

A blue plaque in recognition of the scientific achievement that Dolly represented is on display at The Roslin Institute.

Hello Dolly: Edinburgh’s National Museum welcomes new exhibits for its 150th anniversary [Guardian]

A behind-the-scenes look at the new galleries at the National Museum of Scotland before their opening in July 2016.

Dolly creator calls for bank of stem cells [The Sunday Times – paywall]

An interview with Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, carried out at the first Dolly@20 event, ‘Dolly and Me… 20 Years with the World’s Most Famous Sheep’.


Audio and video

Naked Genetics: Hello Dolly [The Naked Scientists]

A special bonus-length podcast commemorating twenty years since the birth of Dolly the Sheep, featuring interviews with speakers at the Scientific Symposium ‘Coming of Age: The Legacy of Dolly at 20’ at The Roslin Institute, including Professor Sir Ian Wilmut and Professor Shinya Yamanaka.

Horizon: Dawn of the Clone Age [BBC iPlayer]

A look at the work and the people behind the birth of Dolly the Sheep and future research. First broadcast in October 1997.

Dolly the Sheep Unveiled [British Pathe]

Part of the ‘A Day That Shook the World’ series (British Pathe and BBC co-production).

The Reunion: Dolly the Sheep [BBC Radio 4]

Recorded and first broadcast in 2012, this episode brings together Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, Professor Keith Campbell, Dr Bill Ritchie, John Bracken and Marjorie Ritchie to discuss the impact of Dolly’s birth.

The Retro Report [New York Times]

A look back at the global reaction to Dolly’s birth and her lasting legacy in scientific research, featuring interviews with members of the Dolly research team. Recorded in 2013.

The Future of iPS Cells, Shinya Yamanaka & Ian Wilmut in Discussion [YouTube]

Produced by the Japanese broadcaster NHK, this video sees Professor Sir Ian Wilmut and Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Shinya Yamanaka discuss the future of iPS cell research and regenerative medicine.

The Quest for New Therapies by Stem Cell Research [YouTube]

Part of the University of Edinburgh’s ‘Our Changing World’ lecture series, Professor Sir Ian Wilmut talks about his work in stem cell research at the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine