Dolly and Me… 20 years with the world’s most famous sheep

Our Dolly and Me panel and members of the Dolly team. From left to right: Dougie McGavin, John Bracken, Vivienne Parry OBE, Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, Professor Bruce Whitelaw, Dr Andrew Kitchener, Clare Button, Dr Bill Ritchie and Professor Mary Bownes.

Wednesday 30th March at 8pm, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Our first Dolly@20 event asked our distinguished panel “What does Dolly mean to you?”. Vivienne Parry OBE joined Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, who led the research which produced Dolly, Clare Button, archivist on the University of Edinburgh’s ‘Towards Dolly’ project, Dr Andrew Kitchener, a principal curator at National Museums Scotland and Professor Bruce Whitelaw, a senior researcher at The Roslin Institute, to share their stories and discuss Dolly’s past, present and future.